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No More Secret Scents!

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Tidy housekeeping and good manners have motivated many of us through the years to keep a can of air freshener handy in the restroom.  It was the civilized way to deal with daily unpleasantries, wasn’t it?  For the longest time, I didn’t realize there were so many natural alternatives for keeping the house smelling fresh and clean.  

Scientists for consumer group Women’s Voices for the Earth have uncovered allergens and hormone disruptors in popular air fresheners from Glade, and women around the country are calling on maker SC Johnson to come clean about its secret scents. Today’s science tells us there’s reason for concern about the health impacts of synthetic fragrances like the ones uncovered by WVE’s investigation.  
If you want to make an informed choice about products like air fresheners for your home, you need to read everything on the label, don’t you?  You can take action now via WVE to ask SC Johnson to be open about what synthetic fragrances it’s using.

You can also stay informed about consumer issues affecting your home by bookmarking WVE’s website.

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