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Mixed Emotions for Memorial Day

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Isn’t it silly how we get caught up in the sentimental?

My kids know I get overly enthused each spring about the blooming of the peony bush in our yard.  The blooms are so showy and fragrant, and there are so many blooming that I’ve stopped counting them.
I was still a newlywed when my mom dug up some of the stubborn roots from the yard where I grew up and mailed them across the country to me.  My husband and I carefully started the modest plant, and I think it had maybe three blooms the first year.  Each time we moved after that, I managed to take that same peony plant with me from yard to yard.

It’s been several Memorial Days now since my mom passed away from cancer, long before our girls came along.
I suppose that’s why I find it wondrous each spring when the plant blooms anew and I can share it with my kids.  They patiently wait while I take cheesy pictures of them posing in front of the flowers, again.
Whomever you’re missing this Memorial Day, I hope you find some comfort like I do in my flowers and the people around to share them with.
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