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Citizen Group Says Arkansas Lake Polluted from March Oil Spill

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An Arkansas citizens’ group serving as watchdog for public health in communities north of Little Rock says tests show lingering pollution in Lake Conway from the nearby March 29th oil pipeline spill.  The Faulkner County Citizens’ Advisory Group has announced that tests match bioaccumulated substances in the lake to sludge samples collected in the Mayflower neighborhood shortly after the spill.

Mayflower, Arkansas oil spill cleanup
Photo courtesy:  Faulkner County Concerned Citizens Advisory Group

Results of the laboratory tests have been released on the two-month anniversary of the pipeline rupture.  The citizens’ group discussed the results at another town hall meeting called because of ongoing needs to protect residents and the Mayflower community.

Conservative estimates showed around 5,000 barrels of crude oil spilled in March.  Yet a court complaint by several Mayflower residents alleges that 10,000 barrels of oil spilled and that they’ve had health concerns since then.

The Faulkner County Concerned Citizens Advisory Group has also been involved in monitoring air in neighborhoods surrounding the spill, differing from official assessments.  Of concern are air quality, watershed protection and even property values since the spill occurred.  Arkansas’ attorney general has launched an investigation into the cause of the spill and expressed concerns about Exxon’s initial gesture to purchase some homes affected by the incident.

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