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Bloggers asking Top Retailers to Mind the Store

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Okay moms, can you relate?  Are you the one who totes around extra bandages and kid-sized snacks, just in case?  Are you always finding creative ways to get veggies on the plate at dinner? You’re there to teach, protect and defend your children through thick and thin aren’t you?  No matter what your distinct parenting style, you’re looking out for your little ones.

It probably won’t surprise you to find out that parents across the country are stepping up and asking the largest retailers that earn their bread and butter from families like yours to Mind the Store. Most of us use a “better safe than sorry” parenting approach that includes age-appropriate precautions.  And it’s natural that we assume the government or industry is also taking this common sense sort of approach with the safety of consumer products. Science, health and policy experts with the widely popular Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families movement say the system is broken and we need real reform to ensure products are safe before they hit store shelves.   
Senator Frank Lautenberg has just introduced the Safe Chemicals Act again for 2013, and who knows if Congress can overcome its gridlock to pass this common sense measure or not? In the meantime, you can vote with your dollars every day by choosing safer product alternatives and insisting that your favorite brands and stores get on board with eliminating chemicals on the Hazardous 100+ List of Chemicals of High Concern summarized by scientists for SCHF. You can go here to ask the nation’s ten largest retail stores to get on board with this important Mind the Store effort.

Perhaps you saw the exclusive story by USA Today, or maybe you saw my friend Shane at Environmental Booty sharing her experience in connecting with Target.  Several bloggers across the country are stepping up to ask big retailers to Mind the Store.  I personally delivered a letter and had a constructive talk with the assistant manage of my local Costco store; I’m hopeful that Costco, Target and other big names in business will Mind the Store and also support the common sense measures set forth in the Safe Chemicals Act.

Here’s what top bloggers are saying about Mind the Store:

Anna Hackman of Green Talk asked Lowes to Mind the Store with its building and home products.

3 Responses to Bloggers asking Top Retailers to Mind the Store

  1. Anne April 12, 2013 at 4:37 am #

    Mindful Momma, you know it really was easy. It was no different than going to the service desk to ask about a certain product like we often do. I hope more moms will be able to have this important talk with their local stores.

    Katy, thanks. Hubby was helpful with that, at home before my trip to the store.

  2. Katy Farber April 12, 2013 at 12:21 am #

    Awesome! Did you take that video yourself? I need to do that for my visit.

  3. Mindful Momma April 11, 2013 at 7:08 pm #

    Great work Anne! Thanks for going out on a limb to speak with your local Costco store!

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