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Bloggers and Parents Nationwide Say "Mind the Store"

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The checkout clerks at local discount stores are always fascinated when I show up with a cart full of white vinegar bottles, perhaps some boxes of baking soda, and not much else.  They often seem surprised when I answer their questioning looks by explaining that it takes very few products to do everyday cleaning at my house.  It’s not that I haven’t been tempted by other appealing bottles and boxes of products; I’m just not sure if they’re right for my family since apparently no one has been minding the store when it comes to long-term consumer safety.

I really want the best of both worlds:  convenient store products that work great, with the peace of mind of homemade ingredients.  Safer Chemicals, Healthy Family’s new Mind the Store campaign is asking the nation’s top ten retailers to step up and work on behalf of their customers by  eliminating the Hazardous 100+ Chemicals of Highest Concern from a wide range of everyday products.  You can peruse the Hazardous 100+ list for yourself at the Mind the Store website.  Just beware that current law allows some of those chemicals of concern to be omitted from a product label if the maker considers it a trade secret.  Think that’s not fair to either consumers or the stores where we shop?  You’re not the only one.

I shared with you earlier this week about my visit to the popular Costco warehouse store.

Here’s how bloggers around the country are taking the lead in asking the nation’s Top 10 retailers to get involved in this important effort:

You can take action today via the Mind the Store app and send a message asking the Top 10 retailers to get on board with this.  You might also want to have a cordial conversation with the manager of your favorite local store to share your concerns about the Hazardous 100+.  And when other moms in the play group are chatting about the same old, same old, Mind the Store can be a great conversation starter!

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