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St. Louis Moms Support Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families

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Ana Kniesel, Anne Brock
Moms for Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families

Moms in the Show Me State want to know consumer products are safe before they bring them into their homes and expose their children to them.  The growing movement for Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families was the topic of my recent visit with moms in a St. Louis suburb.

As a Missouri farm girl who grew up in the Ozarks, I’ve been talking a lot lately about preserving the best of Grandma’s traditions while improving on what we know better.  It’s a topic that many parents can relate to, as many of us are finding ways to simplify our lives and focus on what what matters most to us.  

While simplifying might mean making something homemade or cleaning windows with vinegar and water like Grandma did, it also means learning to read ingredient labels.  We can simplify by choosing to limit or ban certain chemicals of concern from our own homes.

Blogger Anne Brock

And many parents agree that shopping would be a whole lot simpler if the worst chemicals of concern were gone from consumer products altogether.  That’s why Missouri moms are joining parents all across the country in calling for the moderate, common sense, better-safe-than-sorry approach of the Safe Chemicals Act.

Even our children are using their art skills to ask leaders to consider their health and safety.  You can take action today by contacting the Senators from your state to ask for their support of the Safe Chemicals Act, too.  Here’s the link at the Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families coalition.

Thanks to my host, Ana Kniesel, for organizing the get together with other moms in St. Louis.  As a National Stroller Brigade participant and peer educator, Kniesel is concerned about sharing information on the  need for the Safe Chemicals Act with other parents.  She makes education the focus of anything she’s involved in, including her efforts as a stay-at-home mom to share Ava Anderson Nontoxic cosmetics and doTERRA essential oils.

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