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Read Across America Day

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It was deemed a “special occasion” at my daughter’s school today, requiring extra time devoted to styling hair before dashing off for a day dressed in pajamas! Thanks to the teachers who promote the power of the written word to inspire young minds. They’re having fun with the National Education Association’s Read Across America Day.
While the Cat in the Hat is the day’s official mascot, kids are reading Dr.Seuss and more.  We’re a bit partial to The Lorax at our house since Stonyfield sent us to the movies last year and we got into reading the original storybook.  While my youngest is getting into read-to-self books like Hop on Pop, my oldest is reading several levels above grade level.  An early love of reading is truly something to celebrate!
Maybe you even saw the Cat in the Hat visiting your school this week as part of the Cat-a-Van tour.  
The NEA offers several free parenting resources, from suggested reading lists and read-aloud tips to tools for planning a summer reading  program.
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