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Frugal Homemade Car Organizers

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Ever bought a ready-made organizer for your car and found it didn’t quite work?  We had been underwhelmed with a ready-made organizer purchased a few years ago and just stopped using it.  I wanted something larger and more versatile.

Old blue jeans and other remnants helped create extremely frugal, all-cloth organizers to go on the backseats of our vehicle.  With multiple pockets and customized slots for pencils and crayons, the fabric organizers gave each child a place to keep her own books and other busy activities. 
These began as a free-form project, as I experimented with two different sizes and styles.  My oldest daughter noted that I didn’t use the prettiest fabrics for this, because the goal was to be extremely frugal by sewing scraps that wouldn’t be used for anything else. This was admittedly a quick and imperfectly finished project.  The lining of one organizer is an old cotton skirt, while a side pocket comes from a front-pocketed blouse. Old denim jeans provided the best material, both sturdy and offering two usable pockets.
Have you ever created a homemade version of something that worked better for your family?  
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