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Easter Bunny, Can We Talk?

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Hello, is that you, Easter Bunny?
Do you have a minute?  You’re all ears, you say, how kind.
Our family appreciates all the trouble you go to every year, the eggs, the treats, you’re very generous! I was just wondering if we could talk a little about ingredient labels?  You know, on the candy.
You seem to have a pretty all-natural diet, yourself.  I know you’re famous for bringing candy and all, but it’s just that we’ve started reading labels at our house, and we’ve discovered that some ingredients might not be so healthful for the kids.  It’s not just a matter of limiting the sugar, but we’ve been reading about artificial food dyes and we understand you don’t deliver those to children in most other countries outside the United States.   We were wondering if you might have treats with more natural colorings and maybe fewer preservatives and fillers too?  You see, strange allergies, sensitivities and reactions to food ingredients are on the rise in American children and a lot of parents are concerned.
You’ll see what you can do?  Thanks so much for listening, Easter Bunny.  Yes, you’re in the business of special treats and it’s my job to put good food on the table every day; you’re right about that.  But you might have some more natural alternatives this year?  You’ve been reading ingredient labels, too?  You’re the best!

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