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Upcycled Table Runner becomes Tote Bag

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Don’t you just love the variety of the vintage linen section at your local thrift store?  I do.  You never know what you’ll find there.
I was curious about this formal table runner that contained a fair amount of cross stitch work on it.  This sort of find feels like a real bonus, because I get to enjoy something handmade without having spent those long hours doing the handiwork.  The dark background seemed too formal for our house, so this would never be our table runner.
I bargained down to $5 for this textile, spent a couple more dollars for a stack of unused fabric remnants, and headed home.

In an odd sort of way, this little bit of needlework coordinated with a fun floral print I’d been saving since I rescued it from the fabric store bargain bin.  I cut the table runner in half, removed the prettiest part from the black fabric underneath, and attached half to each side of my tote.

So, with only about $10 in various remnant and thrift store materials, I finally had the makings for my tote bag for storing the latest books I’m always wanting to read.  I admit the bag is a bit awkward and simple, but I like it.  It includes some pockets for storing water bottles and other on-the-go essentials.  I’m still in the process of adding more ribbon trim around the top edge.
What’s the most useful thing you’ve made from a thrift store find?

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