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Off-Season Lawn Prep

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Tanya Hans All Natural Lawns and Landscape

Maybe your lawn is still frozen under ice or snow.  But it’s only a matter of weeks before you can start preparations for a beautifully green spring.  We talked with Tanya Hans of All Natural Lawns and Landscape in Nashville, Tennessee about some prep we can do as early as late January in some parts of the country.  

Here are her suggestions:

Core aerate (if this was not done in the fall). 
Overseed with cool-season fescue.
Apply an organic fertilizer.
Use pre-emergent weed control like corn gluten or another non-toxic choice.
If the weather is getting milder, let landscaping bushes and other perennials get an early start by planting.

Hans and her husband, David, have been caring for Nashville-area lawns with their environmentally gentle touch since 1993.  They now offer workshops so other lawn care professionals can learn and share their techniques.

The couple got involved in natural alternatives to chemically-dependent lawns because of concerns about wellness.  They started trying out various organic products on their own lawn and eventually opened their store so do-it-yourself landscapers and other professionals could have access to the alternative products they found.

“There’s an organic alternative for everything out there, ” stressed Tanya Hans, “and they work just as well or better.”

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