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Baking SprinkleBakes’ Sugar Cookie Recipe

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We’re starting with the basics in our kitchen this holiday baking season.  My little bakers and I chose Heather Baird’s sugar cookie recipe to start our adventure into the new SprinkleBakes cookbook she gave the girls.

We began the evening with a perfectly clean countertop, then added lots of flour (I’m sure we worked in too much flour, but the girls wanted to be very involved)!  At one point my youngest started dragging out the play dough toys because it seemed like the same thing to her.  The girls eventually chose all the shapes they wanted from our varied cookie cutters. This recipe creates a pliable dough at an easy consistency to work with.  An extra step that some cookie recipes don’t include was really helpful.

We started with the recipe in the cookbook.  We then departed from convention a bit with all-natural food colorings and sugar sprinkles, including organic beet powder for a pretty purple color.  We didn’t come close to Baird’s artistry, but we still had fun!

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  1. Nicole December 11, 2012 at 4:00 pm #

    That tote is so cute!

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