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Halloween Treasure Chest Trading

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Is there anything your small kids crave more than candy?  I wanted to find out just how my kids valued their candy, on this day that in modern terms might as well be called “Sugar-and-High-Fructose-Corn-Syrup- Celebration Day!”
treasure chest for candy trading

For the first time at our house, my own trick-or-treaters returned home to find a treasure chest full of small toys and jewelry, sprinkled with a few organic snacks.  While I’d purchased these at some reduced prices, they were not the typical dollar store variety. Each was priced with the required number of candy pieces needed to buy them. Participation in the treasure chest trading program was entirely voluntary.

They bit!  Each child decided to purchase two items, willingly trading in around 15 pieces of candy each.  They were left with plenty of treats to save and eat, in moderation.  I left the option open for them to trade in more candy for toys as the week goes on.  It should be a fun exercise in economics, and hopefully one that will decrease the candy consumption at our house this week.

How do you curb the candy enthusiasm at your house without spoiling the fun?  Please share and include a link below if you’ve blogged about this!

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