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Big Screen Fun for My Little Energy Star

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Christmas gifts came early for my thoughtful kid that we call our little energy star!  The delivery of her prizes from LG came just in time to spend Thanksgiving watching some favorite family movies on the beautiful new  television screen.  Her TEAM Energy Star short essay on saving energy was a national winner.Thanks to LG Electronics, Do Something and TEAM Energy Star, she’s enjoying the new tv plus a 23″ computer monitor and mouse scanner.  She and her daddy are figuring out how to configure the computer pieces.  The smart phone she won is still the subject of negotiations (as in, we’re a bit old fashioned and think she’s too young to tote her own phone around), so she may be trading that to her daddy for the new computer she needs.

In her essay, my daughter explains how the simplest habits like turning off lights can make a difference.  For kids, those little habits are a good place to start.  For parents, we can remember to look for the Energy Star label on new appliances.  We were impressed that the ratings on newer tvs and computer monitors show they’re many times more efficient than older ones.It was a first for my daughter to be invited to join the TEAM Energy Star Youth Panel from our kitchen  for Energy Star Day in October. Not sure what Santa can do to top all of this!

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