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Team ENERGY STAR Winners Announced

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Times Square, New York Photo Courtesy:  LG

WOW!  What an abstract concept for a kid who’s never even been to New York City! Now, she’s one of the young winners sharing LG billboard space with the Lorax in Times Square.

The lure of a Lorax DVD enticed our daughter to enter the Team ENERGY STAR essay contest last month. She had learned tips about saving energy on EPA’s ENERGY STAR website full of free games and printables. When I explained to her the scope of the contest, she quickly launched into an elementary school student’s version of a short how-to guide to saving energy and the environment.

Our family was blown away to discover she’d been chosen as a top winner of the Team ENERGY STAR Challenge! Turns out she’s won an ENERGY STAR certified LED/LCD flat-screen HDTV for watching her favorite movies, plus other impressive new electronics from LG! Many thanks to LG Electronics USA, and the US Environmental Protection Agency for sponsoring this contest.

Here’s a look at Imelia’s winning essay.
Here’s how winner Caleigh used art to share about ENERGY STAR.

Photo Courtesy:  LG

Here’s the winning entry from Bryce P.

Here’s what Renee had to say about saving energy.

Alexandra’s video creation is a top winner AND the people’s choice winner.
Congratulations to all of the winners of the 2012 Team ENERGY STAR challenge!

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