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Parents Find Support at Holistic Moms Network

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Should I consider the same first foods for my baby that were served  20 years ago; what should I do differently? What alternatives do I have to harsh household cleaners?  How are other breastfeeding mothers balancing baby’s needs with their work schedules? Am I right to follow my instincts?

Parenthood brings up countless questions, many without clear answers. Yet, we find ourselves, often feeling alone, with what’s arguably the most difficult job in the world. Thousands of mothers and other family caregivers are finding community in the nonprofit Holistic Moms Network.

HMN exists both online and through in-person member groups in cities all across the United States. Founded more than a decade ago by concerned parents, HMN promotes holistic living and green parenting. Member benefits include access to a digital magazine, inclusion in a members-only parenting forum, local chapter resources and more.  While the emphasis is on natural living, HMN members  make up a nonjudgmental community that respects each parent’s choices.

You can learn more about Holistic Moms Network at this link.

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