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Guest Post: Women’s Voices for the Earth Calls out Tide on Dirty Secret

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By Cassidy Randall,  Campaign and Outreach Manager for Women’s Voices for the Earth


Baby Emma and baby Maggie just found out Tide’s toxic secret – and they’re so mad that Tide’s been hiding the fact that there’s a cancer-causing chemical in their favorite laundry detergents!

Join Maggie and Emma to help spread their image to those moms who need to know that Tide is keeping a toxic secret, and post it on Tide’s Facebook wall to let them know you want them to do the right thing.
Here’s the thing: there’s no “safe level” of a cancer-causing chemical. And Tide knows 1,4-dioxane is in its detergents, knows how to take it out, and tens of thousands of their consumers are asking them to remove it. They just refuse to. Dirty Secrets: What hiding in YourCleaning Products revealed the presence of a cancer-causing chemical called 1,4-dioxane hiding out in Tide and Tide Free & Gentle.

But you won’t find this chemical anywhere on the label or on the website—Tide doesn’t want you to know that their top-selling detergents contain a carcinogen. Which means, that if you’re like most of the rest of us and grew up washing your clothes in Tide, and if you still love Tide like Emma and Maggie do, you might be outraged that the company has been keeping this secret from you.

Especially when Tide Free & Gentle is marketed to moms as a “healthier choice” for their children’s laundry! That makes their toxic secret even worse!

Right now we have the opportunity to use our massive economic power (women make more than 85% of consumer decisions in the average home, which is a huge amount of pull) to convince Tide to remove this cancer-causing chemical.

That’s right—Tide has ignored the 80,000+ consumers who have contacted them to remove 1,4-dioxane, in addition to the dozens of health organizations who called on the company to remove this cancer-causing chemical.

And now, Tide has been deleting posts from people who write on their Facebook wall asking them to make their detergent safer! They’re censoring their own customers!

Emma and Maggie won’t stand for this. They deserve safe detergent, and they won’t be ignored. They’re spreading the word about this cancer-causing chemical until Tide pays attention to its customers. And they’re hoping you can help them.

Can you join Maggie and Emma to spread the word by Liking and Sharing their image on Facebook, and posting it to Tide’s wall?

And here’s the fun part: Women’s Voices for the Earth is hosting a caption contest for Maggie and Emma – you can write in what you think these babies would say upon finding out that Tide’s allowed them to wash their blankies in a carcinogen. We’ll post a different photo on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Then we’ll post the best ones in a gallery on our Facebook page!

You shouldn’t have to worry that products you bring into your home contain hidden toxic chemicals that might harm your health or your family’s health. It’s time for Tide to take responsibility and make products that are safe for everyone.

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