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Eat Your Vegetables!

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We struggle at our house like every family does to ensure our kids are eating their vegetables.  We look for creative ways to grow, prepare and present them.

It seemed a natural fit to talk about eating our vegetables when we were invited to a food-themed event.  We used the USDA’s public guideline that encourages us to fill half of our plate with fruits and vegetables, turning it into an easy game.  Here’s the free printable for your kids to have fun filling their plates.

We also shared the EWG’s convenient Dirty Dozen list that gives us easy access to public information about which crops are grown with the most pesticide residues.  For those of us not necessarily buying all organic produce, this can help us prioritize.

Plus, we shared resources on which conventional crops are most likely to be genetically modified. You may have heard about the overwhelming consumer sentiment supporting labels that clarify whether or not food is GE/GMO.  GE crops are often grown with pesticides now built into their DNA, yet the law does not require food makers to inform you.

Then, there are issues with food packaging like the hormone disrupting BPA that still lines most cans.

With information from several sources, we can make the most informed choices about our food.  At the end of the day, we’re all trying to fill at last half our plates with fruits and vegetables.


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