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Breast Cancer Prevention Tips

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We all realize that much of the angst about cancer comes from the not knowing…the indefinite answers about how or why or what will happen.  Even the medical and science experts don’t offer much that is definitive.  

However, the Breast Cancer Fund, with its mission deeply rooted in prevention and soundly planted in scientific research, offers the closest approximation to a comprehensive prevention guide.

While the Breast Cancer Fund site provides a wealth of information, we asked Science and Education Manager Connie Engel, PhD, to share a shorthand list of prevention tips.  She prefaced her remarks with the reminder that researchers mostly look at cumulative exposures over time.  Here are a few of her tips:

*Read labels on personal care products and cleaning products, particularly avoiding fragrance
*Limit canned food consumption because of concern about BPA and its replacements in can linings
*Ask your healthcare provider about radiation-free alternatives to medical tests
More here on why the Breast Cancer Fund is working to make October Breast Cancer Prevention Month.(Information here or elsewhere at is not meant to be a substitute for medical advice from your healthcare provider.  This is not medical advice.)

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One Response to Breast Cancer Prevention Tips

  1. I cannot wait for a day when breast cancer is eradicated! Thanks for the tips.

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