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Roosevelt-Era Statue Dedicated at Tennessee Park

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CCC worker statue

CCC Worker Statue Dedicated September 2012 at Pickett State Park in Tennessee

Tennessee is honoring the sweat of the brow and President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal program that built much of its existing infrastructure. Officials recently dedicated a new, bronze, CCC Worker Statue at Pickett State Park, northeast of Nashville. The statue forged in Michigan is one of several now dotting the country to remember the Civilian Conservation Corps.

The group described as a peacetime army offered around 4-million young men across the United States a chance to do hard labor for $30 per month, $25 of which they were required to send home to their families. They built roads, planted trees, and constructed many of today’s state and national parks.  The CCC provided solutions to a nation sweating its way out of the Great Depression in the 1930s.
CCC Museum at Pickett State Park

CCC Museum at Pickett State Park

The newly dedicated statue stands outside the tiny standstone museum that served as the original park office.  Pickett CCC Memorial State Park was created directly by the federal work relief program and contains several historic structures made by the hands of the work crews 75 years ago.  Much of the labor was spent reforesting land stripped bare by Stearns Coal and Lumber Company before being donated to the State of Tennessee.

Visitors may rent overnight cabins constructed from the local sandstone.  Pickett offers diverse hiking and camping experiences within a 19,000 acre forest on the Cumberland Plateau.

Sandstone Structure at Pickett State Park


Natural Rock Bridge at Pickett State Park

Natural Rock Bridge at Pickett State Park


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  1. I was born in Chattanooga and have a very special place in my heart for Tennessee. It is so beautiful there and a wonderful place to vacation. These pictures make me homesick!

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