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Homemade Skincare Indulgence

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When’s the last time you indulged in something sensual like a body scrub with only the best ingredients?  Maybe you used something simple, like sugar from the pantry?  Who says mixing things up in the kitchen is just for mealtime?
It only takes four ingredients to create a beautiful, naturally scented, skin-pampering scrub.
Of course, you don’t want just any oil.  This recipe calls for nourishing jojoba oil, from the seed that grows on the desert shrub.
Making your own skin care products is about the quality of the ingredients inside, and about avoiding chemicals of concern.
For the entire recipe, titled Detox Your Body Grapefruit Sugar Scrub for Mom (we haven’t given away all of the ingredients, now have we?) you need to visit Women’s Voices for the Earth.
WVE resources, including this recipe that I highly recommend, empower women to make informed consumer choices and encourage a non-toxic future for everyone’s sake.

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One Response to Homemade Skincare Indulgence

  1. Marc Bryan October 25, 2012 at 8:34 pm #

    Truly, it is exciting to try out some DIY stuff for yourself. But it takes time, effort and resources at times because of the mix-and-match and trial-and-error methods that need to be done. But in the end, when you get the right combination, everything is worth it. 🙂


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