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Handmade in USA Gift Ideas

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Braiding Brooms
Did you know it takes 50 stalks of broom corn, the thickest part of the stalks cut and soaked 45 minutes, then a good deal of braiding, to create small brooms like they were made 118 years ago?  When’s the last time you’ve seen real cherry or maple construction in useful items like benches?  How about a family game that doesn’t require a power source?  Or handmade ceramics you can use at the dinner table?

Fox and Geese Board Game

A visit to the Berea College Crafts store is a delightful step back to the time when craftspeople made most of our household items with their own hands.  Master weavers, broommakers and other professionals lead student teams who work to exact specifications creating these treasures.  Student Crafts Director Tim Glotzbach says, “We want our items to be enjoyed for their beauty, the elegance, the simplicity or the excellence in craftsmanship; but we also know that our items are functional.”  Whether you’re looking for a functional item or a special gift, the online catalog is worth a look.  Every item is handmade at the college in rural Kentucky, with proceeds helping provide an education to 1,500 college students each year.

Baby Blankets

Pillar Candlestick
Cake Tester
Umbrella Basket and Cottage Throw
Cherry Bench

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