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Early Fall Garden Kale

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kaleOrganic gardening is extending into the fall for us, with an effort to grow some winter squash, more pumpkins, spinach and kale. We’re discovering the first frilly leaves of kale beginning to fill in spaces in our garden beds.  The superfood called kale is a darling of the real food movement because it’s just loaded with vitamins and minerals.
When Sow True Seed was picking out the seeds to give us for our family garden this year, they suggested kale for the fun chips we could bake in our oven.  I discovered later that Mary Constantine of Stirring the Pot has a recipe for Kale Chips in the Sisters of the Skillet charity cookbook.
Time will tell if our kale will grow lush enough to produce volumes of crunchy kale chips.  Should be interesting to see what the kids think of them.

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