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Picky Husband Picks New Ecover Dishwasher Detergent

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The kitchen in the farmhouse where I grew up never had space for an automatic dishwasher.  As soon as I could stand on something to reach the sink, I became the dishwasher.

When we were married, my husband declared himself the authority on loading and operating the fancy dishwashing machine in our kitchen. That’s always been okay with me, because it means I get help with one of my least favorite chores.  But now that I’m becoming more aware of ingredients in our household products, I’ve been wanting to make homemade dishwasher detergent.  This drives my husband crazy, because he doesn’t think the homemade stuff works as well as what he can buy at the store. came to our rescue and sent us a free box of Ecover Zero automatic dishwasher tablets to try out.  I asked my husband to compare the tablets to the traditional store brand of powder he’s been buying.

I was hoping that Ecover Zero would at least work as well as the leading brand.  It was a surprise to find out that my husband thinks it works better than the brand he thought he loved.  The dishwasher authority amazingly approved and said he would use Ecover again!  He’ll be glad to know I found a coupon for a dollar off another box of the tablets at the Ecover website.

The zero in the product name stands for no phosphates, coloring agents or chlorine. Ecover says its mission is “to make a healthy and sustainable lifestyle easy.”  I can feel good about the ingredients working for our household and the planet, while my husband can simply be happy that they work.

I have to confess that we’re not exactly the wine goblet sort of household that cares a lot about spots on our dishes, so we don’t always use a rinse aid.  When we have in recent years, it’s been vinegar. The picture I took of our glasses was after a wash with only the tablets and no rinse aid.  They look pretty squeaky clean to me.  However, the Ecover site recommends that you use both the Ecover Zero tablets and their Ecover Rinse Aid for best spot-free results.

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