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Overcoming Obesogens

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Calories, carbs, fat grams, reps, miles on my running shoes — you name it, somebody’s fitness plan says I should be counting it these days.  I’m hopeful that somewhere in all of the mainstream fitness know-how, there’s a perfect balance that will help me achieve my weight loss goals.  I’m painfully aware that taking personal responsibility for fitness is important and I appreciate my doctors who’ve supported a generally healthy lifestyle instead of pushing any gimmicks. As someone who’s struggled with weight all of my adult life, I admit a frustration with the idea that perhaps sneaky substances called obesogens have been working against me for a long time.

Maybe you’ve heard about them.  Scientists have been studying obesogens for years at the University of California-Irvine.  And of course obesogens are on the radar for many tv fans because Dr. Oz has told America about them.  Scientists say obesogens could be tricking our body’s normal systems into producing too much fat.  Science is showing reason to be concerned about this form of hormone disruptor detected in everything from pesticides to plastics.  Wanting to be better safe than sorry, I’m striving to limit my children’s exposures to these things that were a normal part of my childhood.  This science is so pivotal that it’s part of the growing effort to put common sense limits on chemicals through the Safe Chemicals Act.

Since there’s no unwinding the clock, it’s more miles and fewer calories for me. My most important motivation is keeping up with my kids.  It’s not going to be easy, but I’m taking on some new challenges and am excited to be involved in a new, nationwide promotion about wholesome food and fitness.  I’m looking forward to sharing about that very soon.

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