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Spacing Plants in Our Organic Family Garden

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Green leaves give us hope for prolific growth in the family garden just five weeks after planting. We’re encouraged that we’ve been able to nurture several plants with organic growing practices, without the use of conventional fertilizers and pesticides. We’re all getting involved in the watering and weeding. Sometimes I water the vegetables while my helpers give the flowers a drink.

Freckles Romaine Lettuce

The romaine lettuce bed is looking lusher every day. Looks like we still have weeds to pull, too.

Beans are still climbing, tomato and squash plants are bushing out.  The particular heirloom zucchini varieties we’re growing are supposed to grow in a bush shape that seems to be keeping them prone to moderate, vertical growth.  We’re excited to be growing both the organic black beauty and golden heirloom zucchinis.
Heirloom Squash Plant
Crowded Pumpkin Plants
Should be 12″ Apart

The leafy pumpkin patch is a particular concern because it is growing so well. We have a fenced 20-foot square raised bed for the compact sweet sugar pumpkins.  But a few extra plants sneaked up, closer than the required one foot between plants. I’m not even sure that’s enough space based on how they seem to want to stretch out. One plant’s vine has crept nearly four feet along the ground. I’m asking the experts at Sow True Seed for help managing our pumpkin patch so that it has room for pumpkins.  Those seeds they gave us are amazing!  Their answers and our spacing solution, next weekend.

Small Sugar Pumpkin Patch



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