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Picking Lazy Wife Greasy Pole Beans

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Can you believe the name of the beans that Sow True Seed sent us to try in our organic family garden?  We’ve started picking the first of these heirlooms called Lazy Wife Greasy Pole Beans.

The bean plants have been growing prolifically.  A few leaves have curled and burned in our recent 100+ degree temperatures. But the leaves have been adequate to shade most of the growing green beans.  I love how the fallen bamboo from our neighbor’s forest has made such pretty supports.


What I love best about these “greasy” bean varieties is that I can steam and serve them with no added butter,  yet they’re tender and soft enough on their own.  They’re a great compromise between comfort food and eating light.

I want the kids to know how to snap the ends of the beans like I helped my mom and grandma do when I was their age.  They can even eat them as no-utensil finger food if that makes it more fun to eat their vegetables.


One Response to Picking Lazy Wife Greasy Pole Beans

  1. Heidi July 10, 2012 at 5:16 pm #

    I planted these in coastal NC and they haven’t done well at all. I really wanted these to work out because I love the name of them :). My Kentucky Wonder from last year reseeded itself. (I was late cleaning up last year’s garden) and thankfully I’ve gotten enough beans from it.

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