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Harvesting Summer Squash

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Grilled squash, squash soup, squash to share with neighbors…it’s been a bumper crop for us so far!  Our family’s been growing two heirloom varieties of summer squash from Sow True Seed:  Golden Zucchini and Black Beauty Organic.  After last year’s battles with squash bugs, I’m especially happy that we’ve been able to harvest so much, without using any nasty pesticides.
Next I plan on cooking and freezing some of the squash to save for using in the winter.  We’ll eat it in everything from cookies and cakes to vegetable soup and chili.  Squash seems like one of those perfectly versatile foods that you can prepare dozens of ways.  I noticed this easy succotash recipe over at Penniless Parenting that I want to try with our zucchini this summer, plus some hearty zucchini and fresh corn enchiladas by Amelia Winslow over at Eating Made Easy.

How will you be serving your summer squash?

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