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Boppy Shows Leadership in Making Non-Toxic Baby Products

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In these growing years long after their weanings, my children each still have a Boppy pillow in their rooms for reclining to read on the floor.  I find some peace of mind knowing that this sweet reminder of their earliest years is made without the use of toxic flame retardants.

After hearing parents’ recent concerns about the need to get toxic chemicals out of children’s products, the Boppy company wanted to remind us all that it’s already been leading the way in providing safe products like its popular nursing pillow. Company spokesperson Denise Weed says, “We take pride in making innovative, superior products for prenatal women, babies and toddlers, and we do not use chemicals or flame retardants in our products.” Here’s a link to Boppy’s faq page.

The Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families coalition has issued a clarification on its website that commends Boppy as a “success story,” while continuing to call for better industry-wide standards on all baby products.

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