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Parenting Book Attuned to Allergy Concerns

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Book cover The Thriving Child
I admit my skepticism when I realized who’d written this latest book I was sent to review.  Another in a long list of celebrity spouses who’ve set out to write a book, Erica Reid lives what many of us would consider the glamorous life in New York City, married to famed music executive L.A. Reid.  She even had famous diva mom Beyonce show up for her book launch party!

Yes, Reid uses her connections to gather quotes from a long list of famous parents who introduce each chapter in the book The Thriving Child.  But once you get into the content of each chapter, Reid sounds like any other involved mom who earnestly wants to relate her parenting joys and concerns.  She makes me feel like she would sit and chat about the everyday details of raising kids, just like any other mom on a play date.

As the mother of two young children, Reid has lived some particularly anxious times coping with food allergies and other serious health concerns.  It’s evident these experiences have empowered her to be her children’s strongest advocate, in everything from seeking doctors’ second opinions to focusing on nutrition as a basis for good health.

While Reid admits to not being a health expert, she includes useful interviews with experts in medicine, education and environmental health.  These q and a sections, along with Reid’s own examples of how she’s managed a child’s serious food allergies even when traveling, add a lot of value to this book.

The subtitle of the book is an apt one for those of us raising kids today: “Parenting Successfully Through Allergies, Asthma, and Other Common Challenges.” The reason for concern is just how common these challenges really are.  Reid parents with love, shares with grace and offers relevant advice for any parent willing to become more aware.


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