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National Stroller Brigade Marches on Washington

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Rally for Safer Chemicals Act in Washington, DC

Moms and dads, bloggers and small business owners, nurses and educators, are gathered on Capitol Hill today with compelling reasons why this nation needs to clean up its policies on toxic chemicals.  Too many childhood cancers, too many learning disabilities, too many mysterious illnesses.  Science already shows reason for concern about many chemicals used in everyday items we use at home, but public policy and the marketplace haven’t kept pace.

One of the senators who spoke at this morning’s rally, Senator Dick Durbin, said, “It’s time for Americans to get the facts, get the information, the Lautenberg bill has to be passed.”  More and more lawmakers are joining sponsoring Senator Frank Lautenberg as the call for safer chemicals gains momentum.

You can start at this link learning more about the Safe Chemicals Act.

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