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Mom Bloggers for Safer Chemicals in DC

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Shane Shirley-Smith with Environmental Booty, Diane MacEachern with Big Green Purse, Lori Popkewitz Alper with Groovy Green Livin, Micaela Preston with Mindful Momma, and me

If ever a small group of people could change the world for the better, it would have to be the Mom Bloggers for Safer Chemicals I met at the National Stroller Brigade in Washington, DC.  As a relative newbie with only a couple of blogging years under my belt, I have much to learn from them.  Here’s why you should bookmark their sites and follow them all today:

Shane Shirley-Smith is running a thriving community at Environmental Booty  and has an incredible 17,000 Twitter followers!

Diane MacEachern is a best-selling author you’ve probably seen interviewed on national television!  Both her Big Green Purse book and website offer valuable advice from this environmental scientist with a knack for marketing.

Lori Popkewitz Alper makes motherhood look stylishly easy as this former attorney cares for her three boys and shares tips with the rest of us at Groovy Green Livin!

Micaela Preston embodies the healthy values she promotes at Mindful Momma and in her book Practically Green!

These women all have wide spheres of influence, and you probably do, too.  Via your social networking, both online and in person, you have opportunities to change others’ lives for the better.  If you believe we all need a healthier future, free of the most harmful toxins in consumer products, please contact your US Senator’s office today to ask for support of the Safe Chemicals Act.  Then, please tell at least three other people about this nationwide effort. Thanks for following our blogs, and we’ll do our best to keep you informed.


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