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Constructing Our Little Garden

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Rogy is overly enthusiastic about our gardening efforts.  That’s why the canine who chomped on last year’s late green peppers and squash is getting fenced out of this year’s garden.
<Luckily my husband has shown some interest in gardening, at least the construction part.  He started with concrete blocks, metal posts and narrow fencing wire to keep out Rogy and most other critters who’d want to visit.Rogy happily participated until the day the handcrafted cedar gate went onto its hinges and she felt betrayed. Our carpenter found that thin cedar fence pickets could be retrofitted to create raised box areas.  This saved several dollars over thicker cuts of lumber.  I begged him to use wood with natural pest repelling properties like the cedar.  No guarantees on how well this will last, but it should meet our immediate needs.  We have a fenced area that’s roughly 20 feet by 20 feet, with various boxed planting areas inside, divided by walking paths.

I’m anxious for the construction to be finished so we can add more rich soil, composted humus and even rabbit poo.  We’re hopeful that the boxes will prevent the topsoil runoff we encountered during heavy rains last spring.  Our little slope is not ideal, but it’s our best use of backyard space for growing food.  We wish it got a bit more full sunlight, but it all gets at least partial sun.  We’ve trimmed away as many shady branches as possible from the edges.

The strawberry plant that got established last year seems to be thriving, so we built the new garden around it.  We also see the healthy looking horseradish plant that my friend dug up for me last year.  It’s seemed a bit more seasonal around here now that we finally had a couple of nights with frost advisories to precede the all-out warm growing season.

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