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Berries and Blooms

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Unripened Blueberries
Instant gratification it’s not.  I doubt we’ll be picking enough blueberries for a pie this year.  It was satisfying to see the first few, unripened, unseasonably early berries on the little plant that made its home with us a few weeks ago.  It seemed encouraging that the young bush had taken root and was trying to produce fruit.

As a home gardener I’m proud to be cultivating a native North American fruit.  It feels downright patriotic to grow something that thrives in US soil and that’s a popular feature in July 4th red, white and blue desserts!  Adding this little blueberry bush was my meager attempt to follow Master Gardener Sheila Dunn’s advice on creating edible landscapes — growing food for our families in our own yards.
We’re blessed to have inherited little clumps of blackberry brambles on our property, as well. Their delicate white flowers are in bloom (a bit early), attracting numerous pollinators.  If we can tolerate the thorns, maybe we’ll pick a juicy harvest.

Flowering Blackberry

Shouldn’t every family have access to some wholesome food as close as their own backyard? Later this week at meet some folks who think so, and visit the their education center where inspiration is always growing.

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