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Spring Organic Garden Planning

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Frost dates, seed starting, compost turning, crop rotation, critter fencing…so many details on our to-do list for the little spring garden.  It’s hard to believe March is already roaring in like a lion and we’ll be planting in a matter of weeks!  Since I visited their headquarters earlier this year, Sow True Seed has supplied me with a generous bouquet of seed packets so we can expand on last year’s family garden and share our experiences with you.

We’ll be trying heirloom Cherokee Purple Tomatoes, as well as Cherry Sweetie Tomatoes, both organic.  We’ll plant leaf lettuce and spinach similar to what we grew last year, plus sweet peppers, cilantro, kale, squash and more.  We’ll be growing a special Lazy Wife Greasy Pole Bean that’s an heirloom from the North Carolina area.  One variety of squash is an organic one.  We’ll add some splashes of color to the yard with Bee Feed Mix to attract those essential pollinators, as well.

As we’re asking the experts questions to help our garden grow better this year, we’ll be sharing that information with you.  Once gardening season gets underway, we’ll be letting you know week by week how things are going, and we’d love to hear how your garden’s growing, too.  We’re committed to organic growing efforts because our family personally believes it’s best for our health and our world.  We’re not experts in anything, so we’re not doling out advice.  Instead we’re sharing our organic gardening experiences, good and bad.  If our busy family can grow at least a bit of our own food in our own backyard, you can too.

PS:  If you’re thinking of gardening, this is the perfect time to look up the average last frost date for your area, then check the planting guide at Sow True Seed.  This will help determine when to start certain vegetables from seed.

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