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Lorax & YoKids Greek Movie Fun

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*Contest closed!  Congrats to Caty S! *Sponsored post in cooperation with Stonyfield. My kids chose a thick volume of Dr. Seuss stories from the local library last year that happened to include a curious fable called The Lorax.  Last week the children’s librarian said every version of The Lorax is checked out and we’d have to sign onto a long waiting list for it.  Don’t you love how movies can inspire literacy?

I don’t recall reading The Lorax as a child, although I started rhyming and reading with other Seuss books like, “Big A, little a, what begins with A?”  In our rural area, there was no nearby community library when I was preschool age.  Although my parents bought me books, I think I may have acquired the first one or two Seuss books from one of those introductory offers where you get the first few for a penny or something like that.  My folks were frugal enough to cancel the book program before they had to start paying full price.  Thus, no childhood memory of reading this story.

I hear the movie is based loosely on the book, adding a sweet bit of romance and some of today’s most famous voices.  Thanks to Stonyfield YoKids Greek for sending our family movie tickets.  The kids are excited about taking Daddy out for a movie this weekend (yes, I’ll step away from the computer and go, too)!  They’ve already been playing the matching game and gearing up for our outing.

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