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Family Garden Soil Testing & Prep

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Lawn and Garden Soil Samples

I have high hopes of showing you lush, green produce each weekend as we get into the summer.  For now, here are the not-so-scenic snapshots of what we’ve been doing for the family garden.

I got last weekend’s soil samples dried out, boxed up and mailed off to the state lab for analysis.  That should give some indication of the garden’s PH balance and what additions it needs.

Heated Mat for Seed Starting

I’ve cleared off the space next to the South-facing windows where I need to start the tomato and sweet pepper seeds.  Luckily, the two rectangular tables I have fit perfectly.  When I took the heat mat out of the box, it looked so tiny!  But just as the garden clerk told me, you can fit two flats on it.  So, at least one flat of tomatoes and one of peppers will get the extra boost of the heat mat.  Extra seeds will have to start without a mat, because one was all we could afford.

The most important part of our garden prep is convincing my husband that it will be fun to put up that anti-dog fence and to help me haul some loamy soil, rabbit manure and composted humus into the garden spot.

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