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Consumer Group Calls for Labeling Genetically Modified Foods

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When summer is upon us and you have the chance to sink your teeth into a juicy ear of sweet corn, will it be grown just like down on Grandpa’s farm or will it be a transgenic variation that’s had genes of another species inserted in the laboratory?  Do you want the right to know?

Conventional corn
“We’re on the verge of the government approving the first whole foods that are genetically engineered,” explains JD Hanson, Senior Policy Analyst at The Center for Food Safety, “Fish and corn are on the verge of being approved and on your plate.  Most everything else that’s been genetically engineered is something that’s going to be processed first or fed to cows or pigs.  The games is changing when things are gonna be on your plate in an unchanged form.  People need to know what they’re eating, because it’s virtually untested and right now it’s unlabeled.”

Hanson says the polling data reflects that consumers overwhelmingly want clear food labeling of GMO foods, whether they would eat that food or not.

The Center for Food Safety is supporting efforts on the state level in California and on the federal level, via the FDA and Congress, to require GMO food labeling.  Here’s a look at what US Senator Barbara Boxer and US Representative Peter DeFazio are doing to call attention to the matter and how they’re asking for your help.

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