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Small Farm Chicken and Egg Sources

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pastured chickens in movable pen So you don’t have time to take on the responsibilities of raising backyard chickens?  Or is it not allowed in your neighborhood?  Another choice might be supporting a nearby family farmer.

I had the privilege of meeting the Waters family last fall and learning about their sustainable farming practices.  Like many small farmers, they strive for standards far and above USDA Organic guidelines, even though they can’t afford the certification.  They welcome customer visits and are happy to explain their methods.

You might find a small farm source for eggs and meat at your local farmer’s market or food co-op, or you might be able to join a CSA that includes local poultry.  Remember that even small farmers need to practice safe methods, so it’s okay to ask questions about their agricultural practices such as how and where butchering is done.  You’ll find that most are more than happy to help educate their customers.

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