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Is God Green?

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Is God green?  Jonathan Merritt thinks so.  This Southern pastor’s kid grew up to make a name for himself as a popular faith and culture writer in recent years.  As a young adult with degrees in divinity and theology, he’s managed to get Southern Baptists to talk about climate change and to connect with the wider world from a Christian perspective on the environment.  His book Green Like God is all about the calling Merritt says he felt during a seminary class.

Nevermind that he prefers the term “creation care” over “environmentalism.”  When it comes to the facts about scientific realities like climate change, Merritt isn’t afraid to share the truth.  He takes a refreshing approach toward asking everyone to get over the hangups about religion and politics that have sometimes kept Christians from doing their part.  Merritt writes, “Caring for creation is not a right-left issue, but  a moral-immoral issue that the people of God have been called to address.”

Merritt leaves most of the creation care how-to’s for someone else’s book.  Instead, he digs into what’s happening in our natural world and what he believes God has to say about it.  He counters the usual arguments with scripturally based reasons for Christians to take another look at their part in caring for all of God’s creation.


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