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Vintage Quilt Made from Flour Sack Fabrics

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old quiltThe squares are on the large side.  The colors are a bouquet of every color you can imagine.  It’s fascinating to see what looks like the remnant of a man’s plaid shirt alongside a dainty floral.  The cotton prints are distinctively from the time when quilters were using flour sack cotton fabrics.

Those “free” fabrics that came as part of the food sacks were better quality than most cottons we can buy today, in my humble opinion.  Some rows of stitches appear to be machine-made, while much of the piecing was clearly done with hand-stitches.

Now that this family hand-me-down has become one of our family’s projects, I hope I can give it due respect by finishing it.  I found some complementary cottons for the back and outer edge.  I have a slightly unorthodox idea for the inner layer of padding, wanting to include an old blanket instead of buying new quilt batting.

Maybe someday I’ll find the time to put this all together and preserve my husband’s great-grandmother’s quilt.


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