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Treadle-Stitching Homemade Christmas Ornaments

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I loved Donna Kohler’s suggestion to make family members a keepsake with the treadle machine from my husband’s side of the family. What a relief to finally get the Singer Redeye 66 working again so I could do that.

I started with some nostalgic fabric I thought my mother-in-law would like, and cut it into heart shapes.

I attached grosgrain ribbon for a hanger.
Once I had stitched and turned the heart in preparation for stuffing it, I also top-stitched for a neater finish.  I stuffed the heart and top-stitched the opening.
I was unhappy with some puckering where I had attached the ribbon, so I decided to add embellishment there.  I dug into the tin full of vintage buttons that had also come with the sewing machine until I found a couple that seemed perfect.   I hope she likes it.

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