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Simpler, Greener Holiday Resources

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Can you get festive this season, give gifts and celebrate while still being mindful?  With so many consumer issues of concern, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and just give up on making better choices.

If you’re looking to save money like I am, maybe you’ve made some homemade gifts this year.  At our house, we’re trying small, hand-sewn tote and activity bags in pretty remnants to use for children’s gift exchanges.  Handmade is a nice, low-cost alternative to items that are not necessarily made sustainably.
What about those dozens of other questions we can ask, about what’s in a product and whether it’s safe for our family?  Women’s Voices for the Earth has come up with a Holiday Shopping Guide that touches on many of today’s consumer issues of concern.  It includes helpful links to resources for making informed decisions.
Happy shopping, crafting and celebrating!

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