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More Treadle-Stitching Homemade Christmas Ornaments

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My in-laws will soon receive a handmade set of fabric Christmas ornaments stitched on the Singer Redeye 66 treadle sewing machine.  Once the treadle got into working order and I learned to wind a bobbin, I was ready to sew.  My first ornament was a heart-shaped one decorated with a vintage doll print.

Inspiration for the second ornament came from a cookie cutter we’ve used many times.  I was interested in the rounded edges of this particular star shape, so I traced and enlarged the star to create a pattern.
A short remnant of gold braid created a loop to coordinate with the gold-printed fabric.
I stitched right sides together, then turned the star through a small opening.  I top-stitched, with neat, even stitches made by the treadle machine.  The girls helped stuff the star with polyester batting, then I top-stitched the opening closed.
Two gold and glass buttons from the vintage button collection seemed to have a snowflake motif that mirrored snowflakes on the fabric.  I hand-stitched one of those buttons on each side to complete the ornament.
During this process, each girl got a turn rotating the hand wheel and treadling.  The pedal was too heavy and the machine was too clunky for them to work independently.  They can still say they helped make the ornaments.

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