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FDA Nudged toward Decision on BPA

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The federal agency that says it’s responsible for protecting our nation’s food supply has been nudged into making a decision about Bisphenol A.  The Natural Resources Defense Council’s senior scientist reports that the advocacy group expects the US Food and Drug Administration to make a decision by the end of March, 2012.  Senior scientist Sarah Janssen explains details of the interaction between the NRDC and the FDA at her blog.

The FDA decision will likely focus on only hormone-disrupting BPA in food and drink packaging.  This follows previous FDA statements about the chemical without any action.

Although the FDA can rule on the safety of food and medicines, it does not have jurisdiction over potential endocrine disruptors in a wide range of other consumer products addressed in the broader Safe Chemicals Act.  The broader measure supported by hundreds of health and consumer groups asks for safety testing of chemicals before they’re used as well as disclosure of ingredients to consumers.

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