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Fabric Christmas Gift Bag Tutorial

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Here’s a frugal, green way to wrap up a thoughtful Christmas gift or goodie bag.  Just follow the simple Christmas gift bag tutorial.
1. Create a square or rectangular pattern in the size you need to fit your gift.  I used 6-inch squares of fabric to create a 5-inch square bag for candy or another small gift.  Cut two squares for the bag and another two squares for the bag lining.
2. Add any ribbon or other ornamentation to the square that will become the outside front of your bag.
3. Cut two lengths of grosgrain ribbon to create the handles, or make your own reinforced fabric handles for a larger bag.  Pin the ribbon at equal distances from the bag’s edges and stitch, so that the handles are hanging upside down against the right sides.
4. Pin the right sides of the bag together, stitching the sides and bottom with a 3/8 inch seam.  Do the same with the bag lining.  Carefully clip the bottom corners of the bag and lining.
5. Turn the lining right side out and stuff it inside the bag, which is still wrong side out.  With right sides together, match side seams and pin the top of the bag to the top of the lining.  Stitch a 3/8 inch seam, leaving a 2-inch opening along one side.
6. From the opening, turn everything right side out until you have a bag and lining lying out flat.  Then tuck the lining inside the bag, wrong sides together.
7. Starting with the 2-inch opening, neatly topstitch the top of the bag near the edge.

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