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Box of Layette Memories

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The box came tied with twine, decorated with cheery painted sunflowers.  My Aunt Ruby knew how much I would appreciate the little treasures she sent.  It was a box full of layette memories.

A faded red-orange floral design had been stitched with row after row of thread to create a bonnet.  White shell buttons fastened the main bonnet to a separate piece to shade a woman’s neck.  This probably belonged to my Great-grandma Maude, whom my aunt remembers wearing a bonnet like this.  Since Maude was a skillful seamstress who made lots of quilts, it’s a good guess that she made this bonnet.

Also inside the box was a blue-and white gingham checked shirt-dress worn by my Grandpa Polk when he was a baby.  Detailing includes little front pockets and tiny rick-rack on the sleeves.

The most surprising of all was a delicate white cotton baby dress with tiny pleats and lace trim.  Because my Grandma Imel was one of several children, it’s amazing that something of hers was saved.

Also included were some a silky soft baby’s undershirt, a summery dress, a little winter hat, and a woolen baby gown.

The items all date back to around 1911 or 1912, per family history.


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