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Super Girly Homemade Cape Costume

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Want to try sewing an easy homemade costume  It doesn’t get much simpler than a cape.  My preschooler recently gave me the opportunity by announcing her intention to be Supergirl this Halloween! So we made a super girly homemade cape costume.

I searched my collection of leftover fabrics to find a solid pink polyester/cotton blend from a rummage sale, plus an adorable cotton floral lining print left over from a previous project.  The solid pink remnant was a bit heavier than we needed; since it was nearly free, we made it work.  A common choice for capes would be something with a silky feel to it.  However, cotton is easier to sew with.  For size, I started with the narrow width around the neck, decided how long we wanted the cape, and made our glorified triangle as long as possible.  We sized this one generously, still using less than one yard per side on this lined piece.

The outside layer got a large floral S on the outside before I stitched the two layers together, turned them and topstitched.  My unfinished opening was the neckline, which got finished when I added the floral tie to it.  An alternative closure could include a small bit of velcro instead of a tie, especially for younger children.  A small S helped coordinate a hand-me-down pink sweatsuit to the Supergirl theme.  Scraps of fabric made simple wristbands, complete with some gaudy tulle trim left over from another dress-up project.
An alternative to purchasing fabric for a cape could be using fabric from a thrift-store peasant skirt or something from your closet.  A flowing skirt for an average sized woman yields about two yards of fabric.
*Safety note: The Consumer Product Safety Commission warns to not tie anything, including ribbon, around the neck of a child under two years old. As always, young children should be under constant adult supervision when wearing costumes.

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