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Homemade Fabric Trick-or-Treat Bag Tutorial

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fabric trick-or-treat bag
It took less than a yard left over from last year’s party tablecloth fabrics to create a new trick-or-treat bag. My daughter chose her two favorite prints and I cut them to use together.
I cut four pieces of fabric that were 16-inches square.  I also cut two 16 by 2 1/4-inch strips to use as handles.  I  folded the strips lengthwise, stitched and turned them.  (Hint:  an unsharpened pencil, eraser side up, stuck into the tube helps with turning.)  I topstitched the long edges.
I chose how I wanted our prints to alternate, then pinned the large squares right sides together. stitching them with a 5/8-inch seam.  I pinched the four corners into triangles, measuring two inches from the outside point toward the center of the fabric, and sewed across those corners.  Then I trimmed the corners to get rid of the bulk.  I turned the bags, having one for the outside and one for the liner.
I turned and pressed down 1/2-inch on the remaining raw edge of both the bag and the liner.  I tacked on the handles so they would be secure and turn to the outside once the stitching was complete.  I pinned and sewed both layers of the bag together, right sides together, leaving about a three-inch opening for turning the bag.  Then I secured this opening while top-stitching along the top edge.
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