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What are Your Chances of Carrying BPA in Your Body?

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What are your chances of carrying BPA in your body?
Research shows nine out of ten of us carry it in our bodies at one time or another.  It’s the hormone disrupting chemical called Bisphenol-A that’s used in numerous consumer products.  I’d seen the statistic and thought I should ask a top scientists for some clarification.
Q – “I keep reading about 90% of the US population having BPA detected in urine.  Is this an accepted number in the scientific community and what does it tell us?”
— Flour Sack Mama
A – “It is the accepted number.  It tells us that it is a ubiquitous chemical in our environment; not only is it found in food packaging, but also in some thermal receipt paper, eye glasses, CD cases, the list goes on and on…”
— Researcher Susan Nagel, PhD, with the Endocrine Disruptors Group at the University of Missouri
More about this 90% figure @:
National Exposure Report by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


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